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All in the Family.

George Nichols begins each day in his restaurant's kitchen, mixing a secret blend of all-natural spices. 40 years into this ritual, it's muscle memory to him. But to everyone else, he's created something very special. A Maryland crab cake legacy that's as legendary as it is delicious.

The recipe dates back to 1976, when George and his wife Catherine decided to open a restaurant in their home state of Maryland. Just when they were searching for that “one big thing” that would keep guests talking, Catherine’s brother Tom, a distinguished chef from the Eastern Shore, agreed to share his coveted crab cake recipe. Sure enough, the dish delivered. Over the decades, George’s headstrong belief that the recipe must remain unchanged has proven to be a winning strategy. As competitors come and go, his now-famous Colossal crab cake continues to rack up awards and garner attention for its delicate kick and unquestionable respect for the crab meat’s natural flavor.

Today, George and Catherine's dream has grown into several successful restaurants, and they are proud to have their two children and son-in-law take over the reigns of the business.

The addition of Colossal Blue represents George's lifelong mission of sharing Maryland's most delicious treasure with everyone.

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